2019 Best-Designed Sports Stadiums (part 2)

5. Streetmekka Viborg Build, Denmark, built by EFFEKT

EFFEKT built a skating park and youth center in an abandoned windmill plant in the Danish city of Viborg.

This sports facility is wrapped in a matte polycarbonate leather. Along with a giant skating bowl, it has a basketball court, a DJ area and a production workshop.

6. United States Bank Stadium, United States, designed by HKS Stadium Association and Vikings

Designed by HKS and a group of architects including Studio Hive, Studio Five and Lawal Scott Erickson Architects, the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis is the new home of the Minnesota Vikings American football team.

The stadium has a protruding corner and a roof made out of plastic film, which gained worldwide attention in 2018 as the venue for the Super Bowl.

7. Cheomdan badminton court, South Korea, by Architect JHW IROJE

Seoul’s JHW IROJE studio has built a riverside Cheomdan badminton court in the Korean city of Gwangju. This badminton center is made from colored concrete to match the surrounding natural space, with a series of skylights made of steel that provide light to the large hall.

8. Bamboo sports hall, Thailand, built by Chiangmai Life Architects

This carbon-less sports hall in Chiangmai won the Civil and Cultural Building of the Year award at the Dezeen opening ceremony.

Built by Chiangmai Life Architects, an expert on bamboo construction, the school’s gymnasium will be used to play basketball, volleyball, badminton and futsal.

9. Golf Exécutif Montréal, Canada, by Architecture49

This minimalist club is located at a golf course in Montréal, it is covered by a large wooden roof to support players in bad weather. The roof of the building is built in a curved shape that is twice the size of the house with a harmonious proportion. In addition, it also has a lounge with bar, professional shop, administrative office and reception hall.

10. Atlantic Pavilion, Portugal, built by Valdemar Coutinho Arquitectos

Pedro Barbosa’s Bruralist gymnasium, called the Atlantic Pavilion, is designed to be used by both the school’s students and the Viana do Castelo community. This sports hall is 650 square meters, a concrete entrance with an angled surface to bring daylight into the secondary lobby.