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It is our mission to inspire and explore your natural creativity through an art-rich curriculum.   Enhance your knowledge of great artists, mediums and create a masterpiece that you are proud of.  Explore different types of drawing, painting, collage & printmaking.  Art & Soul focuses on Creativity, Inspiration & Pride.  We believe that creating art work is something that is important to growth and development, as well as tapping into parts of ourselves we sometimes forget about.  We will inspire you with rich colors and values that light up the room.  Our classes are designed to provide a sense of inspiration that will touch your hearts and souls forever. Our teachers are dedicated to providing a fun & hands on learning experience for students of all ages.  You will be proud of what you create and we take great pride in our students, our teaching and our mission.

new studio pic art samplerInstructional Content

We like to employ lots of different instructional content like color theory, Experimentation, Intro to great artists, artistic styles, music and literature-related projects.



art classes studioBenefits of Art

Art ignites the imagination, helps develop fine motor skills, utilizes critical thinking, refines cognitive and creative skills, helps build self confidence and stimulates memory!



1003182_10153083737035057_1566097848_nVanessa Huff
Owner & Teacher

Masters in Elementary Education from Texas State University
Bachelors in Fine Arts from College of Charleston

Experience:Extensive educational experience in teaching & assessment.

“I have always had a passion for working with children and art. After receiving my Bachelors degree in Fine Art I worked at a preschool for two years. I loved integrating art into the classroom and was given the opportunity to run an after- school art program. I decided to pursue a Masters in Elementary Education and continued to teach Art to children of all ages. I have always wanted to own a traveling art enrichment program and Art School and just this past year I was able to make my dream a reality.” – Vanessa Huff


Andrea Website Pic

Hi! My Name is Andrea D’Avignon! I remember my love for art beginning in Kindergarten. Being a very shy child, art helped me to open up and gain self-esteem. Since then, I have picked up a pencil or paintbrush at any given opportunity. I began my formal pursuit of art at the University of North Texas, and completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Texas State University. I have lived in Austin for 11 years, and during this time have worked as a freelance artist, creating mostly acrylic pieces for individuals as well as some commercial work for Hula Hut and Facebook. Currently, I am finishing my Masters in Education at Texas State, and am looking forward to my graduation in December 2013. Andrea teaches painting and wine and traveling art classes.


My name is Esther Miller, I studied art in college and I love to paint, draw and do crafts. I am also a nature enthusiast and often incorporate animals and nature in my projects. I am currently getting a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and specializing in treating children and adolescents. I am looking forward to creating fun and interesting art projects with the students in my classes and camps! Ester teaches children’s art camps.




CoryMy name is Cory Sorel and I was born and raised in western Massachusetts. I discovered my love of art in high school and pursued it to my BFA at Montserrat College of Art near Boston. Starting at school as a photographer and shifting to printmaking halfway through, I’ve built a love for almost all art-making processes, but printing remains my passion. Whether it be monotyping, etching or lithography, I have a love of the process, ink, and paper that will stay with me and drive me for a long time. Cory teaches painting and wine classes.


My name is Rachael Holt. I received my BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas, where I focused rholtbioprimarily on printmaking. I have a particular fondness for linoleum and woodblock relief prints, but I enjoy working in a variety of other mediums as well. As long as I am creating, I feel like I have purpose. I find it especially satisfying to get my hands dirty in the process, an affinity which I share with many of my young students. The content of my work is also frequently informed by my inner child, and I find inspiration in sources such as fairy tales, mythology, children’s books, and comics. I have an amazing teacher to thank for recognizing my artistic potential back in the 8th grade, and for nurturing a passion which has stuck with me to this day. I am so excited to have the opportunity to instill that same passion in others through my involvement with Art&Soul.

Jejennatrustbiophotonna Trust

Jenna Trust is a painting artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Houston. She has experience in commissioning art work and showing in galleries, as well as the passion for teaching children and sharing with them the joy of creativity.




Jean Schulerjean

Self- expression through painting and drawing chose Jean Schuler at a young age without her permission! As it turns out, Jean is very happy being captive to the Fine Arts especially painting and drawing! Through the years Jean has discovered a true passion for creating large works of art either by acrylic painting or using mixed media. Her early passion for painting led her to study painting at The University of Texas where she earned a BFA in Studio Art and continued her studies in art education at the Art Institute of Chicago which included a summer internship in the deYoung Museum’s Education Department. Jean has a great sense of pride in her past artistic accomplishments including teaching art in public, private and charter schools in Washington DC, California and Houston. The highlight of her artistic career was being selected as one of only 25 artists in the Wimberley “Bootiful Boot” Public Art Project. Jean continues to look for ways to be involved in Public Art Projects.


 Other Staff

1398561_728521557233679_7113712253002302091_oMy name is Ashley and I help out as Art & Soul’s Digital Assistant. I take care of all Art & Soul’s online scheduling, email communications, and a little bit of marketing and PR. I have five years of experience with social media and content creation, and I’m a relatively new Austinite. I love all things creative and artistic, though my medium tends to be of the written variety when I’m creating myself. In my spare time I run a food blog, Quarter Life (Crisis) Cuisine.