Art Hidden in Quirky Carpets at Casino Floor

Unlike online casinos, offline casinos need to pay attention to the interior space to attract and keep customers staying. They took advantage of the contrasting art in the motifs of the carpets. The reason for the carpets with dramatic patterns with strong contrasting colors is to keep the customers awake.

Las Vegas is known as a city that never sleeps, where gamblers are encouraged to spend money without a stop. The series of photos of Barcroft Media reveals the special role of rugs in the operation of the casino.

Chris Maluszynski has spent years capturing kaleidoscopic designs since he noticed them on his travels. Chris said Las Vegas is the most surreal place in the world. In the middle of the huge desert, a busy urban area, glowing with neon lights, was itself strange enough. But what’s more strange is that if you sit in the middle of that mess, trying to rest by looking at the floor, there’s no room left to relax your eyes.

Chris noticed that even the carpets were “noisy” like the surroundings. Only Las Vegas chooses such patterns. The reason for the rugs with dramatic patterns and strong contrast colors is to keep customers awake. This factor is combined with the windowless design in the casino. Therefore, guests will not know whether it is day or night so they are hard at playing cards, spending money and staying awake all night.

Professor David Schwartz, from Center for Gaming Research, UNLV (USA), said the carpets in the casino are known as furniture born to serve evil purposes. They indirectly encourage people to gamble.

Mr. David revealed, many places still use carpet with wheel pattern. This is the famous symbol of the ancient Romans, only the property is erratic. Is it a reminder of gamblers that life or luck is just fleeting. They should enlist eating and enjoying before everything turned 180 degrees.

Chris said that every interior in the casino seems to be designed to keep visitors awake and stimulate all senses, because they only spend money when they are awake.