Artworks From Fallen Leaves

With artistic creativity, a university lecturer created beautiful works from the carpet of fallen yellow leaves in the university yard in the US.

Often fallen leaves are treated as rubbish and are quickly cleaned and burned. In addition to the park, universities are home to the most greenery and students often overlook the dry leaves that fall on their campus.

However, at Sacramento State University in the city of Sacramento (California, USA), the students and tourists look forward to the fall season. The reason for this is that the carpet of yellow leaves will turn into a work of art under the hands and creativity of a lecturer in the school.

Joanna Hedrick, a lecturer at Sacramento State University has become a social networking star thanks to her impressive work of dried leaves. She started making gold leaf arrangements in 2013 when she wanted to create an interesting backdrop for family photos. Inspired by British sculptor AndyGoldsworthy OBE, who is famous for the art of nature, Joanna cleans the leaves of the campus into a series of aesthetic installation artworks.

This change quickly attracted the attention and interest of the students in the school and surprised colleagues. The works are not limited to any subject. It can be spiral shaped, circular, honeycomb or complex mazes.

Initially, Joanna Hedrick only created 6 works each year when the leaves fell. But after posting pictures of her creative work on her personal profile and receiving the support of students, she was asked to create more works. Joanna shared that her art motto is to use something that is already beautiful to create something more unique, which you cannot go through without stopping to look.

In addition, Joanna also created the logo image, the abbreviation of the university or some photos to celebrate thanksgiving.