Office Decorative Tips To Help You Work Effectively

A number of scientific studies have proven that the health, emotions, labor productivity of office workers and working space are closely related. Just a small change to this space, your working spirit is much more excited.

The trend of modern office design today gives priority to open workspaces combined with green areas. For creative people, space also needs breakthrough elements, such as color or individual angles for them to fly.

Take a look at your workplace. If you need to upgrade your office to work more effectively, you can try the following suggestions:

  1. Take advantage of the sun
    Getting the most out of natural light is one way to keep your energy full. Also, looking too long at a computer screen is bad for your eyes and makes you prone to headaches. So, relax the eyes and brain by zooming into the large space outside the glass window every 2-3 hours.
  2. Choose a relaxing scent
    The secret for you to focus on working in the office all day long is the smell. To make sure there are no strange odors that may distract you, light candles or light an aromatherapy essential oil for the office. The scent of peppermint helps you increase your concentration, while citrus notes help you relax.
  3. Towards minimalism
    The work area with too much furniture makes you feel stuffy and stuck at work. Minimize helps make the space tidier and more sophisticated. As a result, your work seems to be resolved quickly and easily.
  4. Add highlight colors
    According to many studies, color stimulates nerve cells, thereby helping creative or intellectual activities to be solved effectively. Try hanging a colorful picture to make your office more impressive!
  5. Bring nature into the office
    Flowers and plants help clean the air. The cool green of the trees also helps you relax your eyes and refresh your mind.

Ronaldinho: Football is Art (part 1)

Football is a sport but also close to art. Anyone must admit so once witnessing Ronaldinho on the field and “circus” with the ball.

World football fans can easily name names like Pele, Maradona, Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo as the best stars of world football history. They are impressed by the excellent ability to score goals. But besides that, there are still many names in history though not so prominent in the ability to score goals. Among them is Ronaldinho.

Pele once called Ronaldinho an artist on the pitch. He has entered the history of world football thanks to his ability to master the ball. The concept of artistic football is also the most mentioned in the midfield of the midfielder who is considered a rarity of Brazilian football.

Ronaldinho was born and raised in Porto Alegre (Brazil). He is lucky to come from a family with a football tradition. Both his father and brother were once professional football players. Therefore, Ronaldinho’s childhood was associated with the ball. He shared that he was born into a family where the ball is always present. His uncle, his father and his brother were all players. Living in such an environment, he learned many things and had a passion for football.

Ronaldinho idolized his father very much and considered him a role model to learn. But when Ronaldinho was only 8 years old, João Moreira died after a heart attack. Major events in life have greatly influenced the fledgling career of Ronaldinho. But under the guidance of his brother Roberto, Ronaldinho continued to pursue his passion.

In Brazil, not only popular football but also futsal. Those are two sports that are quite similar but different in nature. The requirements for the futsal players are very high, including comprehensive technique, speed and play thinking to be able to develop their ability in a tight environment. From an early age, Ronaldinho played futsal. This is the foundation for him to develop good techniques to become a “magician” on the 11-person grass field.

Art from Artificial Intelligence

The art of artificial intelligence has become a wave in recent years as the technology has become the focus of scientific development.

In the mid-19th century, Ada Lovelace was the first person in the world to write the first lines of programming language before people figured out how the computer would work. However, at that time, artists only looked at Ada like a poem with lovely beauty, not many people were too concerned about her mathematical thinking. It was hard for herself and her contemporaries to imagine, nearly 180 years later, her name became the inspiration for naming another artist: Aida. Aida had to wait for others to name her, because she was a robot, and her talent was the result of an artificial intelligence research process.

In early June 2019, Aida in a dark blue dress, black hair groomed standing in the middle of the gallery at the University of Oxford, lectures about her works as a flesh-and-blood artist. While her creators, artificial intelligence scientists proudly present her, a robot capable of analyzing millions of works of art. From there, she produced her own artwork. She was the first robot artist to have her own exhibition. Her work meets all criteria of true art, including its inability to copy and to repeat. Aida’s exhibition became a media bomb, but in fact she was not the only phenomenon.

In March 2019, the prestigious Sotheby auction house presented Memories of Passersby – a digital installation by Mario Klingemann, showing the process of creating a portrait of artificial intelligence. . Memories of Passersby shows the generative operation of the GAN (generative adversarial network) system. GAN is a series of algorithms written by artificial intelligence researcher Ian Goodfellow.

Where does the value of an artificial intelligence artwork reach? It is hard to say clearly at this time. However, if we were to measure the curators of the art curators as a standard, recently, a portrait of the GAN program, called Edmond de Belamy, was sold at auction by Christie 432,500 USD. Aida’s works have also been bought by collectors for a total of nearly one million pounds.

This startling figure indeed proves that a work created by a computer is worth as much commercial as any artwork of famous artists. However, it also comes with a lot of criticism, not only from those who want to protect the creation of traditional arts but also from artists who are studying other artificial intelligence.

Art Hidden in Quirky Carpets at Casino Floor

Unlike online casinos, offline casinos need to pay attention to the interior space to attract and keep customers staying. They took advantage of the contrasting art in the motifs of the carpets. The reason for the carpets with dramatic patterns with strong contrasting colors is to keep the customers awake.

Las Vegas is known as a city that never sleeps, where gamblers are encouraged to spend money without a stop. The series of photos of Barcroft Media reveals the special role of rugs in the operation of the casino.

Chris Maluszynski has spent years capturing kaleidoscopic designs since he noticed them on his travels. Chris said Las Vegas is the most surreal place in the world. In the middle of the huge desert, a busy urban area, glowing with neon lights, was itself strange enough. But what’s more strange is that if you sit in the middle of that mess, trying to rest by looking at the floor, there’s no room left to relax your eyes.

Chris noticed that even the carpets were “noisy” like the surroundings. Only Las Vegas chooses such patterns. The reason for the rugs with dramatic patterns and strong contrast colors is to keep customers awake. This factor is combined with the windowless design in the casino. Therefore, guests will not know whether it is day or night so they are hard at playing cards, spending money and staying awake all night.

Professor David Schwartz, from Center for Gaming Research, UNLV (USA), said the carpets in the casino are known as furniture born to serve evil purposes. They indirectly encourage people to gamble.

Mr. David revealed, many places still use carpet with wheel pattern. This is the famous symbol of the ancient Romans, only the property is erratic. Is it a reminder of gamblers that life or luck is just fleeting. They should enlist eating and enjoying before everything turned 180 degrees.

Chris said that every interior in the casino seems to be designed to keep visitors awake and stimulate all senses, because they only spend money when they are awake.

People change the world with art and kindness

Kindness cannot be seen but can be felt. Sometimes kindness is hidden behind simple actions such as a compliment, a confession, or a gentle look. And there are many people in the world who are diligently giving away their kindness, without receiving any gratitude.

  1. Germen Crew
    A group of 13 street painters called Greman Crew are invited by the Palmitas city government to repaint the city’s dirty walls. The group had to redraw a “painting” of up to 20,000 square meters.

The whole job took 5 months to complete, but the results were amazing. 209 houses, inhabited by 1,808 people, were painted in rainbow colors. People appreciate this job. But more importantly, the city’s beautiful colors have greatly reduced crime rates here.

2. Patrick Commecy
French artist Patrick Commecy and his team decided to paint on the walls of the building. When they discovered an ugly surface, they used their own paints, brushes and turned the streets into galleries and the walls became brightly colored works. Commecy likes to draw optical illusion effects. So the houses have lots of lovely windows and balconies.

3.Jeff Hanson
Jeff Hanson was just a child when he discovered a brain tumor that made him almost blind. When Jeff paid for chemotherapy, his mother helped him become acquainted with art. That’s how Jeff became an artist. Although he could only distinguish the lines and colors of large objects, he still discovered his own drawing method. When Jeff was 21, he became a famous painter. The price of a picture of him is about $ 4,000 and appears in the collections of Warren Buffett and Elton John.

At the age of 19, Jeff promised himself that he would contribute $1 million to charity at the age of 20. And he did it. Jeff continues to raise money for more than 100 charities. All of these organizations are aimed at helping children with cancer.

4. Martina Billi
Martina Billy is a young painter in Italy. She studied Fine Arts at the Florentine Academy. Nature is the biggest source of inspiration for Martina’s works and the main character in her paintings is often animal.

Martina does not use canvas or paper to paint but reuse used or discarded wood panels for its writing. Love, kindness and nature blended in her paintings.

The art shows the flair for Japanese people

A type of drama with a combination of dance, acting, music, etc. KaBuKi has become a unique art form not only in Japan but reaching out to the world, which is recognized by UNESCO and intangible cultural heritage of Japan.

It originated in 1603 when Okuni “a medium in Shinto worship” began performing a new dance style in Kyoto. Gradually becoming famous this type of drama was even performed in the court and many other troupes had begun. There are three main types of characters in KaBuKi: Tachiyaku- “young characters representing good people”, Katakiyaku- “bad guys specialize in doing evil”, and Onnagata- “Female characters”. Each character with different personalities will have different makeup. In the past, the female drama actors even disguised the male characters to attract a lot of male viewers. Gradually, it was not just the male audience that came to watch it and it was said that it lost its traditional value. In 1629, women were banned from acting in KaBuKi and all other forms of theater, and male actors took on roles that were even fake. Unique art form not only in Japan but also in the whole world, UNESSCO is recognized as an intangible cultural heritage.

  1. Ikebana– “living flowers” are the art of expressing the feeling of enjoying nature, an art in which people reproduce the natural beauty only through branches, grass tops, revealing bows emotions, personality through their colors. Japan also has a strict flower arrangement principle, but each artist has their own creativity to show the love and philosophy of life in their works.

A long time ago, some 600 years ago, it was performed by monks or people of noble dignity. There are several types of flower arrangements: Rikka, Shoka, Jiyuka are some basic flower arrangements.

2. The art of making tea

Tea ceremony is known for being the most famous type in Japan even if you have not been to Japan before. To enjoy tea in accordance with “standard” Japan, it also depends on factors: space to enjoy tea, tea making equipment, meditation and tea drinking customs. All of these make up the Japanese style of enjoying tea.

According to records, starting from the Tang Dynasty, a high monk went to China to study the religion and accidentally enjoyed the tea that was delicious and brought back to the country to grow. Over the various periods there are mainly three main schools of Omotesenke, Urasenke and Mushakoji-senke. The rules for enjoying tea are quite strict, but in order to suit the modern era, Japan varies to suit the era.For example, if guests cannot meditate in Japanese style, they can sit on small wooden chairs. without losing the solemn atmosphere of the room.

3. The art of paper folding.
Around the 7th century, the technology of paper production in China was introduced to Japan, after which the Japanese applied and created a folding paper that is not torn, durable, but until now they are still proud about “Washi” paper. From here the art of Japanese paper folding Origami was born. At first, it was just folding ordinary aircraft, boats after gradually more elaborate folding types were more diverse. Beginning for children to play now is popular with all classes of Japan. Moreover, folding origami not only requires creativity, but it also becomes a subject in some places to develop creative thinking of children. On the other hand, this subject requires meticulousness, creativity and perseverance, so it can reduce stress and insomnia of many people.

The Artistic Appeal of Freestyle Football

Ball movements with head, foot, or complex ball-rolling techniques are more and more popular at playgrounds. Freestyle football is increasingly popular. So what is the attraction of this sport? Is it the usual competition in sports? Let’s find out in the article below!

People call ta it a new street sport called football freestyle. Good players or not, attracting or not relying on performance techniques, clever combination between the body and the ball. Accordingly, players must combine a variety of different techniques to control the ball successfully. In addition to toughness and dexterity, there is a need for creative elements to create beauty in every ball.

Freestyle Football is clearly very beautiful and attractive. However, to be able to play and stick with it for a long time, the first thing is to have passion, perseverance, effort and effort because players will face many difficulties when starting practice. In addition to the basic techniques, it is also important to select the type of ball and shoe to serve the ball-rolling. Therefore, being able to suffer and make people admire their performances is an arduous process.

Unlike traditional football, freestyle football is more about individual technical performance with the ball. Many people will wonder whether it’s boring to play football alone? However, in fact, with freestyle football players can compete with each other to show off their creativity.

This is a sport that is highly artistic, can encourage the creative creativity of players with round balls. Freestyle football is increasingly becoming a trend of street art performance enjoyed by young people all over the world. Currently, freestyle football has been popular in almost every place with lots of tournaments taking place, attracting the attention of everyone because of the beautiful performance. It was the skillful movements of the player’s ingenuity that created the extremely special art of football freestyle.

The quintessential French art “defeats” time

Art, love and Paris. It is a place where artistic inspiration and aestheticism flourishes and comes from the outstanding names in many fields, the authors of the works have become monuments not only for the French people but also with all humanity to this day.
French painting is famous for the big names in Impressionism such as Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne or Paul Gauguin for the French art. The works of the artists show unique multi-dimensional views of the landscape and people here with each person’s own feelings, expressing a unique artistic perspective to create important foundations for the association. Modern illustrations.

Claude Monet is considered the father of the impressive French art school. In 86 years of life, Monet wrote 2,000 paintings, many of which were done right in his flower garden. He loves flowers. Monet once stated: if he didn’t become a painter, he would definitely be a gardener. The painter Paul Cézanne said, “People can’t just watch Monet’s paintings with two eyes because Monet looks at life with a different eye.”

Paul Cézanne is an impressive Hau artist. He was the bridge between the 19th century impressionist school and the 20th century cubist school. Cézanne’s works show sharpness in composition, color, blending. His drawings show his exploration and sensitivity, which is characteristic and very recognizable.

One of the most important names in the post-French faction of the same period as Paul Cézanne was Paul Gauguin. Gauguin’s paintings often use flat colors, raw, bright and full of symbolic and expressive qualities. If pre-impressive artists often depend on nature, and post-impressionists often focus on scientific elements, Gauguin cares about the synthesis and symbolic method.

Surveying through the history of architectural styles in the West from ancient to modern, it can be seen that France is one of the cradles that both contributes to preserving and preserving the classical architectural styles, but also contribute to creating new and unique architectural styles. French architecture inherits the beauty of classical Greek-Roman architecture, the common cradle of European architecture.

Also from France, many typical architectural styles have been formed and spread throughout Europe such as Roman architectural style, Gothic architecture, Rococo architecture. French architects are also at the forefront of creating new architectural forms on the basis of cleverly combining Greek-Roman classical values ​​with French cultural identities as well as with imprints. and the breath of the times to create buildings with their own style. It is also a premise, a basis for many modern architects to learn and continue to develop to this day.

Simple Peaceful Things Through the Perspective of Illustrator Pascal Campion

Peace of mind comes from the most simple things in everyday life. This is a very meaningful living message from Pascal Campion arts.

In the chaos of life, to see simple moments of peace is like receiving a sweetest gift for the soul. Those are the moments that all of us have, just need to know how to slow down and feel more. It was a joy when a long day came home sitting by the hot tea and watching the city with our adorable cat. The tiredness and anxiety temporarily drifted away because we had this lovely cat by our side and obediently let us caress and hug.

The joy is also standing outside the table watching the lights of the city we live in. The cool wind blows lightly on the skin to make our soul feel cool, making our heart feel softer.

The joy is when we both stand in the rain and I have his warm arms warm. Nothing big, just being together like this is enough to make me happy.

The peaceful moments of life were recorded by Pascal Campion and recreated through his paintings. Pascal Campion is a good observer painter. Therefore, his paintings easily evoke in the hearts of viewers the feeling of sympathy and emotion. The scenes in his works are simple and familiar because they are the sweet lives that most people see, experience and feel once. With simple scribbles and a soft color palette, he recreated everyday slices to evoke in the hearts of people the most gentle and pleasant emotions. He reminds us that joy is not far away but is always present around everyone.

Characteristic of Pascal’s painting is a gentle feeling that comes from the harmony between the composition, the context, the shape and the color. He often “stretches” the images in his paintings, creating the slender and smooth Thus, even a shower in his paintings feels relieved and pleasant. Or when drawing the darkness, the way he chooses the color also evokes a positive, peaceful feeling thanks to the bright spots in the night sky. If you say that each picture is the key to entering the author’s worldview, then Pascal always has a way of seeing a positive world as well as always finding good things in life.

“Soft power” named Music

The “calming power” of music contains many interesting things that if exploited, it has the ability to heal the emotions in people’s emotions.

Music is an indispensable thing in each of our lives. But besides the ability to touch deep vibrations in the soul or the means to express the heart, emotions. Music is also a relaxation method that has a positive impact on both the mind and the human body. . Sound and melody have a very special connection to the brain through oscillation frequency and can become an extremely effective stress management tool, especially classical music, New-age music or negative natural bars (like birds, wind, waves …). These types of music are very beneficial for physiological functions, lowering blood pressure, making heart rate more modest and limiting the activity of stress hormones (cortisol).

Stress not only affects the psychological, emotional or nervous system but also negatively affects the physical activity of the body. When you’re in stress or pressure, the adrenal gland releases a steroid hormone called cortisol. It promotes glucose and fat metabolism to form energy. This is a natural protective reaction that occurs when the body senses a threat (millions of years ago, people often run when in danger. At that time, stress is not a test tomorrow, is a deadline). not completed, but how can … run really fast to escape the danger). That means that the more stressful, the higher the blood cortisol concentration, the more energy is generated.

Have you ever felt refreshed, a gentle, peaceful soul, all anxious as it dissipated when you heard the sound of the waves whispering on the beach, the sound of water dripping under the stream or the sound of leaves rustling in the wind? Researchers have provided an explanation for how natural sounds can restore our psychology: They alter the brain’s cognitive mechanism and reduce the natural “fighting” instinct of human.

When listening to social sounds, the attention of the brain focuses on the inside, revolving around the feeling of anxiety related to forms of psychological stress (depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder) . While listening to soft sounds related to nature, attention is directed to the outside, reducing the body’s sympathetic response (the reaction that causes a “fight-or-flight” feeling – “fighting or run away “also known as” acute stress response “) and increase” rest “response, bringing the body to a state of relaxation.

Music combined with meditation is a method of healing souls that many have adopted recently. If you search for the words “stress music,” “relaxing music”, “stress relief music”, etc. on YouTube, there will be a series of videos from 1 to 6 hours in length, including soft lyrics. combined with natural sounds (birds, flowing water, wind blowing, temple bell …) and peaceful nature image. You can listen to increase your concentration when you meditate, practice mindfulness, when you practice yoga or simply listen to sleep more easily.
Finally, remember, every method will become meaningless if you keep on contemplating yourself, not actively loosing your mind. When the mind does not pay attention to the melody, insists on clinging to the thoughts, worries, concerns about the hustle and bustle out there, no matter what music you listen to, it will only flow through the clouds, the mind will not be healed.