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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – a martial art for men

Founded in the 20s of last century and emerging in the past three decades, BJJ (Brazilian / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) has become the most complete and attractive sport today.

In recent years, the development of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in particular and martial arts in general has attracted significant attention from the public. Dubbed a gentle art, BJJ combines harmony between performance and combat, strength and technology to become one of the most complete martial arts today. Even if you are not planning to become a professional athlete, you can still find many benefits when pursuing this artistic discipline.

With the background of learning from judo’s attacks from Japan, BJJ develops a martial art that uses wrestling and limbs in a lying position. Unlike its judo cousin, BJJ is a discipline not based on weight or size. It was laid by founders who didn’t have a physical strength.

One of the so-called “ancestors” of Brazilian engineering, Hélio Gracie, who weighs just 60kg, and his brother Carlos Gracie, have created moves that take advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses and leverage, allowing one to Weaker states can defeat massive opponents. For example, specialized armbars that strike the elbow joint or choke (squeeze) into a blood vessel cause the opponent to suffocate, while maintaining a safe position.

More interestingly, attacks can be mixed to create a multitude of variations when dealing with different opponents. Each player will develop a unique style of play. Every Brazilian wrestling match is not only a battle of muscles, but also a battle of wits when each tries to “trick” the other into their “game”, where they dominate in position and distance. This makes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a sport that requires chess-like thinking, rather than relying on raw strength, in less than three decades since Royce Gracie won the UFC in a row. Brazil in the 90s, this martial art has proved its attractiveness to the community.