Dolce far niente: The art of living happily from the Italian quiet

As things progressed, people became more and more busy and had less time to enjoy life. The Italians have a very effective life secret that can help all of us solve this problem and live happier lives.

Italy is a country located in the Mediterranean region. The Italian’s view of life is almost different from the West and very close to Eastern values. From that similarity, there are many things that we can learn from this distant country to help improve our quality of life. The most remarkable thing is that they attach great importance to the balance between work and enjoyment to achieve a truly happy life.

“Dolce far niente” Concept of the Italians
“Dolce far niente” is a phrase that Italians use to describe the comfort, happiness that comes from the idle state, tranquility of the soul. This may seem like a luxury to some, but Italians in Florence and Tuscany believe that joy can be found in the very intimate, familiar things you love such as eating delicious, delicious food. Watching an interesting movie, reading a good book. “Dolce far niente” is not only for the rich in terms of time but it is a philosophy deeply ingrained in Italian perception.

In the film Eat Pray Love (2010), the character Elizabeth (played by Julia Roberts) blamed herself for all she did in three weeks in Rome was just eating and learning a few Italian words. Then, her companion said, “You are not someone who knows how to enjoy yourself.” They are describing the concept of “dolce far niente” and it seems that Elizabeth has not really understood the happiness that comes from idle.

The Belmond Hotels Group in Tuscany and Florence launched an experimental campaign around the idea, coinciding with the opening of the Castello di Casole – a place built for resting purposes in the heart of the region. Tuscan countryside. It’s easy to enjoy a happy life when we relax by a pool overlooking the Tuscan hills and this is how the world of the “dolce far niente” concept begins. The tours offered by Belmond also bring guests to meet local artists, pizza chefs, and designers. Each of them has their own idea of ​​how to enjoy the happiness of leisure in work and life.

One evening at Castello di Casole is also attended by a group of local artisans, including designers, basket weavers and furniture makers. Their work is deliberate, stable, and comfortable. The weavers try to preserve the traditional craft, the designers always come up with new ideas to bring unique designs or furniture makers are meticulous and sophisticated in creating. out each line on the object. They seem to have a world of their own and stay away from the “go fast and break the limit” philosophy set by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. In that world, they completely focus on themselves, understand and feel great joy when creating and bringing to life art products rich in aesthetics.

Radicondoli – a hilltop commune in the Sienese countryside is the place that brothers Tommaso and Federico Vatti run the pizza restaurant La Pergola. On a large terrace facing the hills, Chef Tommaso offers four different versions of the pizza, all using local ingredients. The combination of specialty pizzas and red wine creates the perfect space to enjoy the cuisine in a quiet and peaceful position. According to Italian tradition, the meals here last for hours.

The Italians believe that in order to enjoy the “dolce far niente” state, we need to understand its rules. The first rule is that you must be able to enjoy what you do, including the time you spend in it and the things you create. The second is that we should not judge our own work or the work of anyone else. Rule number three is very important: do enough work. People have a habit of overwork and over-planning, but if you work too much, you will destroy any positive emotions. Learn how to rest your brain by thinking nothing.