Freerunning: The Sport of Art

Similar to Parkour, Freerunning is popular with young people because it’s where Parkour players can create art.

Freerunning is a very popular sport in the world. Freerunning was founded by Sebastien Foucan in 2003. This is a parkour-inspired sport combined with performing arts.

Both Parkour and Freerunning require players to overcome obstacles in an agile and agile way. The techniques are the pinnacle of moving art. However, Free Running is much more technical than Parkour.

Specifically, Parkour is using skills to overcome obstacles most effectively and safely. Meanwhile, Freerunning relies on that platform to add art to move better with more high-class acrobatics.

Freerunning is prized for its freedom of performance. Free Running participants take their city or rural areas as their playground. They perform flexible movements to overcome objects made of concrete, vehicles, train rays or running on the roofs of tall buildings.

Players of Freerunning must first learn the basic techniques of Parkour such as landing, climbing walls, jumping from place to place correctly, etc. After that, they are able to improve their in-order techniques to make it harder and more artistic.

Parkour & Freerunning is known as the pinnacle of the art of moving as well as extreme sports. Parkour & Freerunning has many movements with increasing difficulty. This will be applied to each terrain and obstacles depending on the level of simplicity or complexity as well as depending on the creativity and combination of each individual.

Parkour & Freerunning is a combination of efficiency and art, so there are no standards of movement. Practitioners do not necessarily follow the person who followed first. Everyone has their own way of doing it, as long as it is effective, beautiful and safe. To reach the ultimate level, the practitioner must know how to combine individual movements into a smooth, continuous motion sequence and must be very fast, almost reflexively unconditional, before any terrain or obstacles want to overcome.