Korean Rap star WINNER Song Mino Made His Art Exhibition Debut This December

Song Mino will open the first exhibition of his career which will take place from December 17-25.

According to the articles appearing on December 3, idol group member WINNER Song Mino will debut as an artist through Special Exhibition for Emerging Artists 2019 (SEEA 2019), a special painting exhibition event for emerging artists.

WINNER’s Mino will debut as a painter through the SEEA 2019 event which will be held on December 17-25 at the Seongnam Art Center. This is a special series of exhibitions for young artists just starting out. With this event, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the extremely beautiful and colorful works of this rapper. It is known that Mino had a number of special artworks collaborating with brands such as Adidas, Leica or Gentle Monster which attracted great public attention last year.

YG male idol’s career is increasingly diverse. In 2014, Mino debuted as a member of the group WINNER. In the following years, he became more and more developed as a solo artist, producer, as well as a fashion model.

Song Artist had his debut on SBS morning news. They talked about how Mino will debut as an emerging artist, Mino has shown various aspects such as singer, producer, fashion & art and his artwork on SNS.  In addition, they even mentioned his nickname Hwabaek on a variety show.

This is the first time he’s officially participated in the exhibition since Song Minho debuted. Song Minho debuted as a member of WINNER in 2014. Not only is he an outstanding singer, producer, but he also shows his career in various fields like performing arts, fashion and art. In June, he took to the stage at LV’s Paris Fashion Week in France.

In particular, Song Minho recently revealed his work on social media, and found out the nickname “Song hwabaek” by displaying the paintings and billboards of tvN’s ‘Kang restaurant’. Although this is the first official exhibition, before that implant, it has cooperated with famous brands such as Adidas, Leica, and Gentle Monster to introduce some products, so we are excited to witness more diverse jobs.

Song Minho is in the process of preparing for the exhibition on a packed schedule, including WINNER’s Asia Tour “CROSSTOUR”, domestic and foreign events, tvN recording of “New Journey to the West 7”.