Montmartre Artist Village

Montmartre is the name printed on the minds of art lovers through literature and movies. Tourism has commercialized art, but Place du Tertre itself created Montmartre an unforgettable feature. Let’s find out more about the artist village Montmartre!

One hundred years ago, this place converged a lot of wandering artists. And many talents have become giants of modern art history. Famous artists of all ages like Van Gogh, Dali, Monet, Modigliani, Mondrian or Picasso have lived and painted in Montmartre. These names have turned this 20-meter-tall hill north of Paris into a popular tourist destination that welcomes 12 million visitors each year.

Nowadays, that romantic impression makes us disappointed when we have the opportunity to visit Montmartre. Place du Tertre on the top of the hill where legends of 20th-century art once worn out is now full of portraits and expressive cartoons. Small tiled square is the village yard that surrounds all cafes, cafes and souvenir shops.

In that yard, a hundred painters set up the paintings to display paintings. Most of them are painters or painters with charcoal, a few draw watercolors, pastels or pigments and less are those who paint oil. More people paint around the nearby small streets inviting visitors sitting on the terrace of the cafes.

Montmartre artist village confused among many different people. However, visitors who are not knowledgeable cannot distinguish it because the forces of painters here call themselves “maitre” (master). There are also scammers who are willing to paint despite your objections and then force you to take a portrait that is not the same as the price of stripping of 80 euros (100 USD). Oil painters are often old painters. Their faces are tinged with the sadness of a devious talent.

The best way to feel Montmartre is to forget all the impressions in the book from the mind. At that time, Montmartre himself would become a vivid cartoon and a complex chorus. Tourism has commercialized art, but it is the clutter in Place du Tertre that gives Montmartre an unforgettable feature.