Painter Salvador Dali: The madness of a genius

Along with Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali is the outstanding Spanish artist of the twentieth century. He used to have strange ideas that many people thought were crazy, like coloring the guests’ leftover soup bowls at a party, and using a brush to paint two paintings within two hours.

Born on 11/5/1904 in the city of Figueras in the province of Catalogne (Spain), Salvador Dali is the son of a notary attorney. At the age of 5, Salvador Dali wanted to become a chef, at 7 years old wanted to become Napoleon. At 16, he wrote in his diary: “I will become a genius. The whole world will know and admire me. Many people will hate me, not understand me. But I will be a genius, I am sure. ”

Life also followed Dali’s wishes when he turned him into a genius in the painting industry, the most famous painter in the twentieth century for ideas … extravagant. Many who oppose him say that Dali is just a bragger, all day long talking and doing things to attract the attention of the people. But Dali asserts: “It is difficult for anyone to attract the attention of the whole world on a certain issue during 30 minutes. As for me, I have made people care every month, every year ”…
Gala is a charming Russian woman who also loves Dali’s surrealist painting and crazy ideas. It was also the period when Dali’s first works began to gain recognition in the world of painting, such as “The Early Days”, “The Harmony of Souls” or “The Great Fallen.” ”.

In December 1934, when he first came to the United States, he took strange actions to attract public attention. On a transatlantic cruise taking Mr. and Mrs. Gala to the United States, Dali asked a chef to make himself a stick-shaped bread up to 5 meters long. When the ship arrived at New York Harbor, Dali took the long bread and waved it back and forth in front of the journalist instead of waving at them. The next day, appearing in a gala dinner organized by New York millionaire Caresse Crosby, Dali disguised herself as a walking mummy.

Dali’s drawing style is also strange and no different. He used an old-style gun to shoot colored paper at the white paper on the easel to be 3-4 meters away. To paint portraits of Gala in a surrealistic way, Dali spent days going to the rhino rearing area of ​​the Vincennes Zoo in Paris for ideas.

It was not until his final days in his home town of Figueras, that in January 1989, Dali agreed to let master photographer Helmut Newton take a final photo of himself in a red silk robe, wearing a Huan neck. Isabelle’s chapter was awarded by the Royal Spanish and sat on an armchair. It was probably the most real photo of Salvador Dali in his lifetime, when he thought it was more than enough to joke with people with wild ideas.