Penang: Peaceful Street art

If Kuala Lumpur gives you the feel of modern streets, with high-rise buildings, then Penang is the paradise of the peace of a life without rushing. The whole city is a unique art chapel, with a rich cuisine and a mix of different cultural and architectural features.

Located 370 km north of Kuala Lumpur, Penang or George Town is the capital of Penang state of Malaysia. Penang is not only known for unique street art, nostalgic old streets, but also for its rich cuisine and unique street music.

The first other tourist attraction when visiting Penang is to “hunt” for street paintings. Art paintings are very old, have many different styles and are spread everywhere in George Town, especially in the west of the old town.

Since Unesco recognized as a world heritage, many art projects have been carried out to introduce and advertise the culture and tourism here. More than just painting on walls, some have a combination of drawings and metal frames, or other objects. These works, first painted by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic, blew a breath of fresh air into the old town’s appearance.

The pictures are carefully guided on the map so it is not difficult for visitors to find the first picture in the heart of George Town – Little Children on the Bike. A picture of a little girl carrying a younger brother on a bicycle. The joy of the two children’s faces spread throughout the streets, creating a joyous substance for the Armenian street. A large number of tourists stopped and lined up waiting to take their turn to take pictures.

In Penang, art can come from anywhere. Art can be an old wall or a picture. It can be a scene of a child playing with a car, a street cart with a line of people waiting to buy it, a mischievous cat, or a strange combination of colors.