Simple Peaceful Things Through the Perspective of Illustrator Pascal Campion

Peace of mind comes from the most simple things in everyday life. This is a very meaningful living message from Pascal Campion arts.

In the chaos of life, to see simple moments of peace is like receiving a sweetest gift for the soul. Those are the moments that all of us have, just need to know how to slow down and feel more. It was a joy when a long day came home sitting by the hot tea and watching the city with our adorable cat. The tiredness and anxiety temporarily drifted away because we had this lovely cat by our side and obediently let us caress and hug.

The joy is also standing outside the table watching the lights of the city we live in. The cool wind blows lightly on the skin to make our soul feel cool, making our heart feel softer.

The joy is when we both stand in the rain and I have his warm arms warm. Nothing big, just being together like this is enough to make me happy.

The peaceful moments of life were recorded by Pascal Campion and recreated through his paintings. Pascal Campion is a good observer painter. Therefore, his paintings easily evoke in the hearts of viewers the feeling of sympathy and emotion. The scenes in his works are simple and familiar because they are the sweet lives that most people see, experience and feel once. With simple scribbles and a soft color palette, he recreated everyday slices to evoke in the hearts of people the most gentle and pleasant emotions. He reminds us that joy is not far away but is always present around everyone.

Characteristic of Pascal’s painting is a gentle feeling that comes from the harmony between the composition, the context, the shape and the color. He often “stretches” the images in his paintings, creating the slender and smooth Thus, even a shower in his paintings feels relieved and pleasant. Or when drawing the darkness, the way he chooses the color also evokes a positive, peaceful feeling thanks to the bright spots in the night sky. If you say that each picture is the key to entering the author’s worldview, then Pascal always has a way of seeing a positive world as well as always finding good things in life.