2018 Winter Olympics

The figure skating outfit at the Olympics proves that the ice rink is “white runway”.

The skating competition at the 2018 Olympics has made fans “wobble” because of their skillful movements and stunning costumes.

Not only are the new “busy” fashion followers for the past week, sports fans are also excited when the Olympic Games take place. From American gold medal winner Chloe Kim to the shocking scandal of “hero” Shaun White, the 2018 Winter Olympics is gaining worldwide attention.

The set of figure skating is also one of the “magnet” that draws attention thanks to the beautiful costumes, “provoke” every eye of fashion lovers.

The ice rink never set any limits on the glamorous costumes of athletes. They were allowed to choose the most eye-catching and the most colorful “fighters” to shine before thousands of spectators and millions of home fans.

In fact, these costumes always undergo “magic” of many famous names. Specifically, the moment of competition for important individual medals, stylized white-black costumes that American athlete Nathan Chen wore is the design of Vera Wang.
Not inferior to this guy, many other young athletes also make audiences bristling in front of beautiful costume costumes. Let review the skating suits at the 2018 Olympics, showing that the ice rink is “white runway”!

The 15-year-old Zagitova not only scored at the Olympics this year with a perfect performance that required high technology, but also a bright red dress with sparkling golden stones combined with long elbow gloves. If there is a black swan, a white swan on a ballet stage, now there is a red swan on the ice skating rink, full of charisma.
Who said only new girls shine thanks to costumes? Male athlete Adam Rippon is seen as an outstanding talent of male free-skating and is obviously the bright star of Olympic fashion. Not only “stealing the heart” of many American fans, the young man is also loved by many African sports fans.
If you think that the costume of Meite is not attractive enough because of the design of pants instead of skirts as usual, surely you have not seen the minute she stood on the ice and showed her talents. Bright crystal on black fabric combined with unique pants design creates a healthy beauty difficult to take your eyes.