Art sport

Parkour & Freerunning – the pinnacle of moving art

Similar to Parkour, Free Running is loved by young people because it is the place where Parkour players can create art.
Free Running is a very popular sport in the world. Free Running by Sebastien Foucan, founded in 2003. This is a Parkour-inspired sport that combines with performing arts.
Mixes of obstacles, swiveling people in the air, wriggling through horizontal bars, climbing on the walls with their hands and feet are not often seen in … action movies are made quite smoothly . They call it Parkour & Freerunning movements (referred to as adventure art sports) …

Both Parkour and Free Running require players to overcome obstacles in an ingenious, nimble way, showing the pinnacle of movement art. But Free Running requires a lot higher than Parkour.
If Parkour is to use the skill to overcome obstacles most effectively, it is safest that Free Running based on that platform adds art to move better with more acrobatic screen.
Parkour focuses on speed, efficiency, and at the same time, injury suffers very little, while in Freerunning, due to the direction of performance, the danger is higher.

Free Running is appreciated by the freedom to perform. People who participate in Free Running, taking cities or rural areas as their playgrounds. They perform flexible movements to overcome concrete objects, vehicles, trains or run on high-rise buildings.

Free Running players must first learn the basic techniques of Parkour such as landing, climbing walls, jumping from one place to the other precisely … then improving the technique, performing the moves harder, more artistic.

Just wear comfortable clothes and a good grip shoe that can play Parkour & Freerunning anywhere. Walls, stairs, tall buildings … are ideal obstacles and obstacles to practice. However, since there are no trainers but mainly learn from clips on the internet, the trainees often focus on each group, who go first to show people later, and share how to make beautiful movements , both increase the safety for the practitioner.