Ballet Art

Soul in The Feet: A Set of Photos about Ballet Art

The photo series “Soul in the Feet” by professional ballet dancer Darian Volkova gives viewers a fresh and profound perspective on ballet.

Ballet is an art of dance that requires grace, flexibility as well as high precision in each movement to create expression through movements. The Soul in the feet set made by professional ballet dancer Darian Volkova led viewers to explore the world of ballet behind the forging stage. Through it, the photo gallery provides insight into this luxurious art.

The Soul in the Feet mainly records rehearsals, typical dancing postures and daily details of ballet dancers. Although the subject and subject are not new, but with the insider’s perspective and the ability to use very clever photographic language, Darian has successfully conveyed the charming beauty of ballet dancing through the pictures she took.

In this set of photos, viewers are observed and clearly feel the very special body contours of long-time ballet dancers. The slenderness and lightness exuded from the posture of opposing body shape and the muscular frame that was definitely formed from many hours of practice. This interesting contrast shows that ballet is a subject that requires high physical and physical appearance. Flexibility and serenity are what ballet conveys and is always forwarded to. However, in order to achieve this, it is necessary to have accurate calculations and efforts every day.

Impressive images from bursts of people bouncing into the air, light-tipped tails like feathers and darian-gentle stretching movements skillfully captured. In particular, Darian’s image possesses its own characteristics of color and layout, contributing to creating its own photography style and evoking beautiful feelings in the hearts of viewers.

Besides, Darian also gives viewers a deeper understanding of ballet by recording the hardships that a dancer must go through. Behind the applause and glittering limelight were rigorous practice hours. In order to get beautiful and precise turns, gentle petals like petals, the artist has to go through a test of both spirit and body. Looking at the picture of worn-out dancing shoes, the new viewer is sympathetic and appreciates this art.