calming power

“Soft power” named Music

The “calming power” of music contains many interesting things that if exploited, it has the ability to heal the emotions in people’s emotions.

Music is an indispensable thing in each of our lives. But besides the ability to touch deep vibrations in the soul or the means to express the heart, emotions. Music is also a relaxation method that has a positive impact on both the mind and the human body. . Sound and melody have a very special connection to the brain through oscillation frequency and can become an extremely effective stress management tool, especially classical music, New-age music or negative natural bars (like birds, wind, waves …). These types of music are very beneficial for physiological functions, lowering blood pressure, making heart rate more modest and limiting the activity of stress hormones (cortisol).

Stress not only affects the psychological, emotional or nervous system but also negatively affects the physical activity of the body. When you’re in stress or pressure, the adrenal gland releases a steroid hormone called cortisol. It promotes glucose and fat metabolism to form energy. This is a natural protective reaction that occurs when the body senses a threat (millions of years ago, people often run when in danger. At that time, stress is not a test tomorrow, is a deadline). not completed, but how can … run really fast to escape the danger). That means that the more stressful, the higher the blood cortisol concentration, the more energy is generated.

Have you ever felt refreshed, a gentle, peaceful soul, all anxious as it dissipated when you heard the sound of the waves whispering on the beach, the sound of water dripping under the stream or the sound of leaves rustling in the wind? Researchers have provided an explanation for how natural sounds can restore our psychology: They alter the brain’s cognitive mechanism and reduce the natural “fighting” instinct of human.

When listening to social sounds, the attention of the brain focuses on the inside, revolving around the feeling of anxiety related to forms of psychological stress (depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder) . While listening to soft sounds related to nature, attention is directed to the outside, reducing the body’s sympathetic response (the reaction that causes a “fight-or-flight” feeling – “fighting or run away “also known as” acute stress response “) and increase” rest “response, bringing the body to a state of relaxation.

Music combined with meditation is a method of healing souls that many have adopted recently. If you search for the words “stress music,” “relaxing music”, “stress relief music”, etc. on YouTube, there will be a series of videos from 1 to 6 hours in length, including soft lyrics. combined with natural sounds (birds, flowing water, wind blowing, temple bell …) and peaceful nature image. You can listen to increase your concentration when you meditate, practice mindfulness, when you practice yoga or simply listen to sleep more easily.
Finally, remember, every method will become meaningless if you keep on contemplating yourself, not actively loosing your mind. When the mind does not pay attention to the melody, insists on clinging to the thoughts, worries, concerns about the hustle and bustle out there, no matter what music you listen to, it will only flow through the clouds, the mind will not be healed.