David Beckham

The Soul of The English Football Team

Each team has its own soul in the uniform, logo and especially the key player. This is the guide who brings confidence to teammates. Referring to the England team, people often remember David Beckham as the soul of the team.

When in England, David Beckham always had impressive performances with the role of a captain. David Beckham’s passion and talent are expressed very early. After school sessions, he and his friends always stayed at the school’s sports ground to play football. David is often the last to leave in his classmates to practice his poison. David Beckham received the Bobby Charlton award – the award given to the best technical kid players in high school in England as a student.

The career of Becks player was very convenient when he was admitted to the youth training school of his favorite club, Manchester United. He quickly proved to be talented, which helped him to be trusted and signed by the team.

David Beckham is the outstanding player in the ranks of excellent players who have been the mainstay of Man United and England. They are Nicky Butt, Gary Neville, Paul Scholes, etc. The first title that the players brought to Manchester United was the FA Cup of the season in 1992.

With what was shown at the club, Beckham received the best young player award in the year when he was 20 years old. A year later, in 1997, the youngster was called up to England to attend the 1998 World Cup qualifying matches. However, it must wait the following year, in France 1998, Beckham scored the first goal for the national team. But it was a very beautiful goal that helped England beat Colombia 2-0 in the group stage match.

In 2000, Eriksson decided to hand over the England captain’s armband to Beckham. He grew up and proved a leader in this role. David Beckham is the key player for England to attend major tournaments recently. In South Korea and Japan four years ago, Beckham’s foot injury was a cause of England’s defeat against Brazil in the quarter-finals.