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Jackson Pollock – The pioneer American painter in abstract school

Michael Jackson Pollock was born in early 1912 in Cody, Wyoming, USA and died in the fall of 1956, the flourishing period of abstractism for world art. Pollock is an influential American painter, a key figure in abstract expressionism. One of Pollock’s many paintings created a reputation for him with a strange penmanship at that time: Paint with paint streaks fell.

Throughout his life, Pollock is very famous and notorious. He is a great painter in his generation. Instead of humility, he has an impulsive personality and struggles largely with alcoholism throughout his life. He died at the age of 44 in a alcohol-related accident when he was driving alone. In December 1956, four months after his death, a memorial retreat was held at the Morden Art Museum, New York. Many of the larger exhibitions of Pollock’s work were held in 1967. In 1998, 1999 his works were honored at MoMA and The Tail, London.

 Pollock thought of a dozen weird tools for drawing

Pollock had a special set of tools for painting, he could use something, maybe a large paintbrush, plastic broom, cauldron, any. Sometimes, instead of using a soft brush to paint the paint, he used a stick, knife, and even tossed the painted turkey, the things he created for his own drawing style, he spread it on the canvas, sometimes use paint, sometimes with other additives such as glass sand. The important part that makes Pollock’s works so special is because they are created in random abstract or action paiting. What is shown in the picture is the voice of demonstration, a painting language that is interpreted in words, by sight, hearing and touch between the person drawing and the viewer. This drawing was already popular before, but it was raised to a higher level thanks to Pollock, it would be nothing special if he still used oil paint, small brushes and palette dividers.

The abstract style of Jackson Pollock early

Jackson Pollock was the first American artist to pursue abstract art. The term “abstract” is interpreted as “not expressing clearly identifiable objects in the objective world.” In painting, abstract paintings are paintings that artists create a composition of colored patches, lines, shapes, but not to describe or simulate any object from the objective world. In an accurate way, the impromptu abstract drawing in Jackson Pollock’s paintings is mostly considered a non-object abstract or non-symbolic abstraction, ie, it does not give an object that can be felt by sight.