Between the darkness of life, Mozart, Beethoven, and Schumann make wonders with the piano

The world has witnessed many pianist artists in the history of mankind with marvelous keys, shaking the listener’s soul: Austrian musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791 ); The famous German classical composer Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 – 1827); Polish composer Frédéric Chopin (1810 – 1849); Or the famous German composer Robert Schumann (1810 – 1856) … are names that mark deeply in the posterity.
What we can easily see in these brilliant music talents in the world is that they not only soon develop love for music in general and black-and-white piano keys in particular, or spend time hard work to create classic works, but each person must go through extremely difficult times in life.

If Beethoven had to suffer physical pains from an ulcerative colitis completely in his most brilliant years, Schumann would have broken his hands when he was passionately practicing piano for Great desire: Become the best pianist in Europe.

More painful, at the age of 21, Mozart suffered the greatest mental pain in his life when his loving mother suddenly died. The young man alone was alone in the country (in Paris) and struggled with tragic days of missing his mother.

All the same physical and mental pain they have experienced has given them the strength to continue to live, continue to practice and compose music that comes hundreds of years later, posterity. still admire, study.

Music gives these great men new horizons. Love with magic keys is so wonderful: Beethoven’s immortal concerts were written at the time when he was completely unheard of; Or in the days of missing the lost mother, Mozart composed the famous “Paris” symphony;

When Schumann’s hands were unable to glide on the magic piano keys, it seemed that Europe’s dream of becoming a great pianist fell short then he “changed” his dream to become a composer later. music and the most famous romantic music critic of the 19th century.

If not the extraordinary energy, the love and the wonderful effect of music in general and the piano key in particular, how can we sit here, talk about them and quietly listen to the wonderful melodies of the That great man!
The clear sound of the piano keys healed the hearts of the great men who experienced the bitterness of life. As a result, illnesses, pain of losing loved ones, accidents that almost put out dreams … all become “softer” as they immerse themselves in the world of piano keys.

From a scientific point of view, how does learning piano and listening to piano sounds work miraculously with the soul?

The world of science and art said, Piano is a central instrument of all classical music works, players and people who enjoy Piano receive great effects:

  • Eliminate the feeling of loneliness: Piano is a great “dish”, helps to calm the soul, has a “sedative” effect. Studies show that Piano players and enjoy the sound often will reduce the risk of depression, feeling lonely.
  • Reduce stress: For those who are often angry or easily depressed, touching the piano key will help them quickly regain a refreshing spirit.
  • “Rejuvenating” the soul: Similar to the effect of stress relief, playing the piano and enjoying the sound in your own way also helps you dispel the worries of the inside. Just listen to classical music like Schubert’s “Ave Maria”, your soul will become calm and relaxed.
  • Increasing the feeling of happiness: It’s hard to believe that playing music and listening to the piano again can give you a sense of happiness that is multiplied. Clear music along with the admiring eyes of the viewers will help the music player add motivation and feel happy when bringing joy to the people around.

Scientists recommend, older people, people who are often busy with work, or stressed students should spend time listening to the piano regularly.

  • Easy to sympathize with the surrounding: Not only help people avoid feeling lonely, depressed, Piano also helps us to sympathize with things and people around. When we are happy, we easily have affectionate views of those around us.

You see, just for our soul, Piano and clear sound like its source stream can make us happy, peaceful, love life and love people like that!