Synchro: Swimming and Art

Synchronized Swimming or Synchro is called an underwater ballet because it is a mix of swimming, dancing, and acrobatics. This sport requires athletes to not only be strong and tough but also to train sophisticated techniques and precision in both space and time.

Synchro has many dancing features because of the background music. It’s like gymnastic because of the arduous circus movements. It can be said that only thick athletes who practice for many years can perform. And the elegant movements, the beautiful figures also wafted a little more elegance of ballet.

The game of swimming is about a century ago, but the popularity is quite limited. Only a few Western countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, France or Germany have enough people to love and develop this subject. Synchronized Swimming also participated in the Olympics as a performance sport. Arriving at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, swimming is officially included in the competition program. Today, people are widely seen swimming as one of four water sports: Synchronized Swimming, swimming, platform diving and water polo. This subject also has another special feature. At the London 2012 Olympics, swimming ranked as one of two women’s sports and the other was rhythmic gymnastic.

During the Olympics, Synchronized Swimming has 2 ways to compete: duet and team. Each team of swimmers consists of 8 female fishers. The judges judged teams based on technical perfection as well as artistic attraction. The female fishermen in addition to supple health, also have superior swimming techniques and the ability to coordinate teammates to be smooth and fit.

Because of its aesthetic nature, the swimming pool is also famous as one of the most beautiful, brilliant and outstanding sports uniforms. How to choose the uniform that reflects the personality, the will of a team, can even change the final score more or less. The most talked about uniforms this summer include: Michael Jackson’s face, ball, sun, even weapons.