Art & Soul

A Journey Through Art


  •  “Loved every second of my bachelorette party at Art and Soul!!!!! The owner was extremely accommodating and so easy to work with. Andrea was an outstanding teacher. All of had such a great time. Thank you!!!!”

    Kristin Kosowski

    “Great new art school with great teachers who know what they are doing.  Took a Painting with a Twist class and had a blast since it’s BYOB.  The instructor went to art school in SF and knew how to teach a complete novice how to work on an Impressionist painting that was tough.”

    Highly recommend as an evening activity!

    Nick Batra 

    ” I had THE BEST time!!! I have never painted anything in my life and you were all so patient and great at teaching that I was able to bring home some really cool art! I will DEFINITELY be back and can’t wait for my kids to attend one of your classes and/or camps!”

    Tricia Dunlap

  • “We have enrolled our daughter in the Art Sampler and she loves it.  She loves the one on one attention she gets and the feel of the studio is amazing.  Vanessa is very kind and willing to let the kids true personality come out in their art pieces.  She is also a very patient teacher, allowing the kids to work at their own pace.”


  • “My daughter absolutely loved Miss Vanessa’s class.  She brought home beautiful artwork and truly learned some of the key elements of creating art.  Great class and great teacher!”

    Kristin R. 

  • “Art & Soul is a great art program for kids.  My two older kids love Ms Vanessa and her programs.  At the end of the sessions they always came home with great portfolios and are so proud of their work.  I can’t wait until my youngest is old enough to take classes at Art & Soul.”

  • “My son has taken Art & Soul classes for a few years and thrives in the classes. Vanessa’s interest in her subject matter is apparent and the kids love her. We look forward to seeing each week’s projects!”

    Melanie Chasteen

  • “Awesome!  My 5-year-old has been doing art and soul for about a year, and has produced some of the most amazing stuff.  They study masters like Monet and Van Gogh and I’m amazed at how much they have been able to pick up in terms of technique and color.”
    Martha A. 
  • “We have had Art & Soul at our school for almost a year and the kids love it. I love it too. We have had programs in the past that emphasized product more than process. Being a Montessori school, process is extremely important to us. The children are encouraged with positive reactions to their art work and every one of them feels like a true artist. They beam with pride over every piece that they produce. Their individuality and unique creativity is reflected in each piece as well. With other programs, the students ended up with practically identical looking art work, from too much teacher input. Not so with Art & Soul. The teachers have been very well trained to respect each child’s personality. The children’s work is truly their own. Parents will treasure these works of art for years to come.”

    Brushy Creek Montessori School 


    “Beautiful and unique Art Studio! Fun for all ages!”

    Jenna Brewer 

“These paintings are priceless, Vanessa. You are truly an inspiration to your students!”
Jan Kee Yiengst
“We LOVE Art & Soul! Miss Vanessa is kind and creative while providing a learning opportunity for her students. She incorporates fine motor skills as well as academics that support our program. I would recommend Art & Soul and Miss Vanessa to anyone and everyone!”
Tamara Berke
Tutor Time Canyon Creek

“Our daughter loves taking the art classes. She is always excited and tells us what she did that day. The portfolio is a great keepsake.”

Childrens Network

“My son thrives in this creative and fun art class. The keepsake artwork featuring his paintings are a bonus and worth every penny.”

Marie Coleman

“Our son really enjoys his art classes, and loves showing off and discussing his projects.  His drawing ability has dramatically improved.  His teachers at school also remarked on how much he is enjoying art – they said he is always eager to go to the art station. Vanessa does a great job of working together with the kids to produce some very impressive projects!”

“Hi Vanessa,

Grant and I certainly miss your art classes! I have never seen Grant grow and flourish as much as he did in your art program, artistically and confidence I saw him grow by leaps and bounds while in your art program. I do with you would visit with the Director of our new school – Sapientia Montessori to see if they may have a need for your program. We miss you! “

Joy J