The American photographer brings the idea of the Covid-19 epidemic to ceramic works

American photographer Peter Olson has put images of the Covid-19 epidemic in 2020 on ceramic pots into an interesting art form.

Denver Magazine 5280 in Colorado (USA) prologue: If you are looking for something beautiful, the pottery photographer Peter Olson’s pottery is not for you. The old medical texts, illness, and life at the difficult time of Covid-19 are what really inspired this artist.

Photographer Peter Olson has a local reputation for his photos of architecture, bustling street scenes, portraits of famous business people before trying their pottery. Recently, Peter Olson put photos taken on ceramic vases as an interesting art form. According to 5280 magazine, ceramic vases decorated with images related to the Covid-19 translation are being placed at the Michael Warren Contemporary Art Gallery in Denver, Colorado (expected to last until the end of the month. 1.2021).

Talking about his fate with pottery, photographer Peter Olson said that about 7 years ago, he started taking clay familiarization classes in Philadelphia city (Pennsylvania, USA). Peter Olson recalled that he knew nothing about pottery and was just thinking of making pottery as a hobby. Asked when he came up with the idea to combine photography with ceramics, Peter Olson said that he saw a few glasses with photographs like that. When he arrives in London (UK), he takes photos of people caught up in busy shopping time. Then he also took a shot of people in crowds in Times Square or the land known as Ground Zero in New York. Then I started making pots, pots and pictures on them. Those are the first ceramic works.

When the Covid-19 translation broke out, photographer Peter Olson changed the image on the pottery. Wherever he travels, he takes pictures of museums. As the Covid-19 translation reappears, I suddenly think of photographs of ancient medical texts. At the same time, I was reading A Journal of the Plague Year by English writer Daniel Defoe, feeling the parallels between the context of the plague in 1664 and the present Covid-19 translation. Then we saw a photo related to Covid-19 by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He thought it was time to put pictures of the new strains of SARS-CoV-2 virus, vaccines, and old medical documents on ceramics. Although some text is not intact or out of focus, but when you look at it, you will still feel their very different beauty on ceramic works. These ceramics represent a tumultuous 2020 year.

Peter Olson adds that he has about 100,000 images related to Covid-19 and has been scientifically divided into categories to avoid confusion in the selection of images to be placed on ceramics.