The psychological effects of art

  1. Consolidate memory

Human memory is not perfect, so it is easy to understand that fear of forgetting is one of the sources of depression in people. We can easily forget the specifics of people, places, buildings, parks, but I’m afraid that when combining those details together, we can forget a part of ourselves. But Armstrong and de Botton comforted us, just as we can only remember what matters most, a great artist is someone who knows exactly what to convey in the work and what should remove it.

2. Bring hope

Our conflicting relationship with beauty presents a special paradox: Popular works often have a popular beauty, but academic art critics see them as products. “Decadence” of tastes and wisdom. Good looking things often imply that they are perceived to be oversimplified, as if if they want this world to be brighter then just add a little bit of flowers to it. That innocence and simplicity distract us from the effort to change. In addition, the forest limit is always afraid that good-looking things will make us “unaware of the injustices surrounding us”.

3. Identify sadness

Art not only helps us spread positive emotions, but also reminds us that “sadness is an essential part of a good life.”

4. Help rebalance
This function of art also helps explain the diversity of each of our tastes – because each individual is ‘unbalanced’ in different ways, so people also look to other works of art. each other to soothe your state

5. Help yourself understand
 Through art, we can communicate with others in a secret and subtle way about what makes people and what we believe, in a way that the words can never be fully captured.

6. Help mature

In addition to providing a deep sense of self, art also helps us to expand the boundaries of who we are by helping us overcome fear with strange and generous things to receive our things.

7. Improving the ability to enjoy
At that time, art can help us form a habit of paying attention to what is really great and deserving to enjoy with pleasure:

Art is a resource that can help us reassess more precisely what is valuable by trying different things with our daily routine and motivating us to re-calibrate what we admire and love. prefer.