Ronaldinho: Football is Art (part 1)

Football is a sport but also close to art. Anyone must admit so once witnessing Ronaldinho on the field and “circus” with the ball.

World football fans can easily name names like Pele, Maradona, Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo as the best stars of world football history. They are impressed by the excellent ability to score goals. But besides that, there are still many names in history though not so prominent in the ability to score goals. Among them is Ronaldinho.

Pele once called Ronaldinho an artist on the pitch. He has entered the history of world football thanks to his ability to master the ball. The concept of artistic football is also the most mentioned in the midfield of the midfielder who is considered a rarity of Brazilian football.

Ronaldinho was born and raised in Porto Alegre (Brazil). He is lucky to come from a family with a football tradition. Both his father and brother were once professional football players. Therefore, Ronaldinho’s childhood was associated with the ball. He shared that he was born into a family where the ball is always present. His uncle, his father and his brother were all players. Living in such an environment, he learned many things and had a passion for football.

Ronaldinho idolized his father very much and considered him a role model to learn. But when Ronaldinho was only 8 years old, João Moreira died after a heart attack. Major events in life have greatly influenced the fledgling career of Ronaldinho. But under the guidance of his brother Roberto, Ronaldinho continued to pursue his passion.

In Brazil, not only popular football but also futsal. Those are two sports that are quite similar but different in nature. The requirements for the futsal players are very high, including comprehensive technique, speed and play thinking to be able to develop their ability in a tight environment. From an early age, Ronaldinho played futsal. This is the foundation for him to develop good techniques to become a “magician” on the 11-person grass field.