exhibition tips


A painting exhibition is a form of organizing and presenting works of collectives or individuals that have been composed long or recently. To hold an exhibition, the following basic elements are required:

* The first is to have a work for display. How many works, sizes, genres, material shown by them. The investment is more or less complete, careful or superficial (the quality of the picture frames). The exact amount and size of the space will require appropriate exhibition space.

  • Secondly, it is necessary to have appropriate exhibition space with the number and category of works. This space also relates to the location and location of the gallery’s architecture, which is convenient for sightseeing and travel of the world. Exhibition or professional exhibition space also affects the ability to attract professionals and the author’s reputation.
  • The third is how to organize exhibitions thoughtfully and methodically.
  • Wednesday is to have the public to visit and be an art lover. Without one of the four factors, it is impossible to organize an exhibition. In the way of organizing, it includes work according to the preparation, exhibition and closing steps.

In the preparatory step, the following tasks are performed:

  • Register before the expected time of the exhibition. This includes choosing the location, the most convenient space, the most professional. It usually takes a long time to register (at least three months or more depending on the type of exhibition hall).
  • Find sponsors for the exhibition (if possible).
  • Complete the picture frame, podium (if the exhibition is about sculpture) for all works. . . (completed before transporting the work to the exhibition for a minimum of a week).
  • Ask a professional photographer to take photos of all the works on display. This photo will be used in two things, the first of which constitutes an album to be submitted for permission to exhibit. (Attached with application for permission to exhibit), Monday to send to the press right in the press conference before the opening time.
  • Contact the Fine Arts Association, the Department of Culture and Information for permission to exhibit (with photos of the works planned to be exhibited).
  • Design, print invitations, catalogs, banners, posters of the exhibition and make a list of guests, including those who plan to invite the cutting of the opening ribbon and make a speech during the opening ceremony. Must inform these characters in advance.
  • Advance notice to friends and relatives. Especially individuals with the ability to buy paintings. Notice to some friends as media reporters so they have the concept of the exhibition (even grasp the advance information about the purpose, meaning, characteristics of the author, the work).
  • Design and print name labels for all works that will be displayed.
  • All invitations must be sent one week in advance (up to the opening date).

At the exhibition step, there are things in the following order:

  • Transportation of paintings to the exhibition. Must keep the work safe (including picture frame, platform).
  • Arranging, arranging pictures and hanging on the wall. Pay attention to the colors of the pictures when placed side by side so harmoniously, not against each other. The layout system of paintings must be aligned with the upper or lower eyelids of the works. For works that are sculptures or installation art, we need to pay attention to the passage.
  • Label the name of the picture into the appropriate picture. Do not paste too high or too low. Do not stick to the picture frame, losing the seriousness of the work (paste on the wall, right next to the picture, position at eye level). Normally, the layout, hanging, display, labeling, banner, poster for the exhibition must be completed one day before the opening.
  • Prepare information packages including the author’s speech about the exhibition, photos of typical works. Should prepare the right amount will be distributed to reporters on the radio during the press conference (if invited to ten reporters should have a minimum of ten sets).
  • Prepare a log of impressions of visitors and friends for the work or author. Impressive numbers are located in the exhibition hall from the opening to the end of the show.