Kintsugi: Art of Healing Cracks of Life

Nothing is really broken. That is the philosophy behind Japanese Kintsugi art – a craft of healing broken pottery by using excellent gold seams.

Born in the 15th century, Kintsugi is an ancient art form that transforms broken pottery into masterpieces revived from gold, embodying a philosophy of life that drives people to appreciate mistakes and imperfections in life.

In Japanese, the word Kintsugi means “healing gold”. Broken pottery will be welded with a lacquer and precious metal, namely gold, silver or platinum. Looking at the art of Kintsugi, one can immediately see its transformative power. The fragments of a vase will be artfully connected with luxurious gold rim.

Although the original shape of the vase had been lost forever through the alchemy of Kintsugi, the beauty of the vase not only continued to exist, but also grew stronger. Kintsugi also has a profound philosophical significance of focusing on the beauty and hidden power of life.

As a mentor for 20 years, Spanish psychologist Tomas Navarro witnessed so many people feel shattered after each trauma and psychological shock. He considers Kintsugi to help people heal psychological trauma, rebuild their lives and become stronger. He wants everyone to apply the Kintsugi art philosophy in everyday life.

Kintsugi art also has an Eastern and Western philosophy: If such astonishing beauty can emerge from the fragments of the vase, a similar transformation can occur with human.

Each crack is a different story. The pottery products are more beautiful and more precious because of the broken fragments. The broken items after being assembled are not only more durable but also more beautiful than the original and become a top work of art, a symbol of fragility, strength and beauty. Grooves are not something to hide, the art value of the item does not diminish when worn on those patches.

The Kintsugi art shows us that no one is perfect in this life, but the scars of life can make us shine like bowls made of gold powder.