Korean Indie Music

Korean Indie Music emerging breeze in Taiwan

When it comes to K-pop most people think of the popularity of idol groups around the world, but there is another Korean genre that seems to be getting more and more popular, especially in Taiwan, that’s Indie music.

Korean Indie Music, emerging breeze in Taiwan

On December 7, 2019, a night of “Tune up stage in Taipei” for the Korean indie bands and artists took place at the famous “Legacy Taipei” stage in Taipei. Taipei with the participation of the bands “Car, the Garden” (Car, the garden), LEO37 + DaTone, and “Sultan of the Disco” (King of Disco) attracted a large number of people. Taiwanese fans came to attend. This concert was organized by the CJ Cultural Foundation, creating opportunities to perform abroad for Korean Indie artists since 2010. This year, Taiwan was chosen as the first venue by the Korean Indie breeze. has been blowing to Taiwan recently.

It can be said that K-pop idols are very popular in Taiwan, but Indie liberal music is also loved by the Taiwanese public relatively surprising to the Korean public, because in the Korean music market. , Indie inherently only a small part of fans love it, let alone abroad.

Not only is the popularity of Korean Indie music increasing every day in Taiwan, but many Indie artists have also been invited to music festivals in Taiwan. Many bands even hold concerts and tickets sell out quickly in Taiwan.

The reasons why Korean Indie cause fever in Taiwan

One of the main reasons is the craze for the rock band Indie Hyukoh, which represents Indie music in Korea, to be number 1 of iTunes Taiwan for the first album “23” released in April 2017, and Taiwan also is a destination on the world tour of 28 major cities of Hyukoh.

According to the representative of a Taiwan-based performance agency, Hyukoh’s appearance on Taiwan’s favorite Korean entertainment program, Running Man, also made many fans listen to the band’s songs. , leading to the Indie music craze in Taiwan. In addition, a list of Korean Indie songs has appeared on KKBOX’s largest music website, partly proving the popularity of Indie music in Taiwan.

In particular, the list has many Indie names who have never performed in Taiwan such as Soran, Lucidfall, Hoppipolla or Stella Jang. But most importantly, the list was created and shared by music lovers, proving that not only idol groups but also Indie music bands are also very popular in Taiwan. In addition, the popularity of idol groups such as Super Junior, Bigbang, EXO, BTS, … with Taiwanese fans also made many fans find and listen to Indie music.

And so Indie music has more and more listeners, and the number of Indie fans in Taiwan has also increased. The large number of Taiwanese fans waiting in line to attend the “Tune up stage in Taipei” concert is very convincing evidence.